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200 Blackbelt Questions!!


As far as mock exams go, use the Spring 3 Certification Mock. I did it many times. The problem is that it selects the same questions over and over. To get around this, do the following:

  • Use the Beta questions link (max 200) or the individual section links.


  • Open all the questions by clicking on them.

Expand questions

  • Save the html locally.


  • Download the jquery and offline scripts by right clicking on the links and selecting "Save As". Save them to the same directory that you saved the questions to.


  • Modify the Blackbelt html and add these 2 scripts.

Add scripts

  • Now you should have a link (called Hide Answers) at the top that can Hide / Show all the answers.

Hide / Show answers

  • Click it to toggle the answers. This makes it easy to take a test and then to check your answers.