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Spring 2.5 Study Notes


These notes are derived from the Spring Reference Document (2.5.6). I have tried to summarize the "important parts" of the reference documentation, while excluding the parts that I do not think will be in the exam. This is just my "best guess" based on comments in forums, mock exams and Spring resources.

I have linked each section back to the original Spring Reference Document. This will be loaded in a separate window so you can view both side-by-side.

I have also included links back to the Certification Objectives and tried to highlight key concepts and likely exam questions.

As my studies progress and my Spring knowledge increases, I will update these notes. Please register suggestions, defects and improvements for these notes via Spring Certification Discussions


Symbol Meaning

Objectives: 1.1 ...

Links to the specific exam objective covered by the section.
Key Key concept / objective that is specifically listed in the exam objectives.
Good candidate for exam questions.
Question Potential exam question.
A question involving this section or fact has appeared in a well respected mock exam.


  1. Spring Basics
  2. AOP
  3. Spring Data Access and JDBC Support
  4. Transaction Management
  5. Spring with JNDI and JMS
  6. Spring JMX
  7. Web Services (included in Spring Remoting)
  8. Spring Remoting
  9. Using Spring in Web Applications
  10. Security


This product includes software developed by the Spring Framework Project (http://www.springframework.org).This is a work derived from the Spring Reference Documentation (see Notice.txt and License.txt).